12 Hanoi Best Bars & Clubs with Unique Styles

1900 Le Theatre Bar and its vibrant nightlife

For those visiting Hanoi with an evening free, delving into the local bar scene can be a delightful way to unwind and enjoy the surroundings. Check out this list of 12 Hanoi best bars and clubs recommended by Eviva Tour Vietnam for your sparkling time in Hanoi with details visit guide and information.

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1900 Le Théâtre Bar – The most famous bar in Hanoi

  • Address: 8B Ta Hien, Hang Buom, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
  • Opening time: Tuesday to Saturday: 8:25 pm – 2 am; Sunday: 8:25 pm – 12 am
  • Entrance ticket: 200,000 VND (8 USD) – Free 1 drink
  • Price range: 60,000 – 500,000 VND (2,5 – 21 USD)
  • Menu: Beer, soft drinks, soda, whiskey, vodka, champagne, etc
  • Contact: Facebook

1900 Le Théâtre is the most famous and iconic bar in Hanoi, situated within the Old Quarter along the bustling Ta Hien beer street. The bar’s architecture is inspired by the design of the former Quang Lac Theater, which was once a venue for traditional Vietnamese arts performances dating back to the early 20th century. With over a century of history, 1900 Le Théâtre boasts a unique blend of classical Vietnamese elements in its style and ambiance.

1900 is also a hotspot for live music performances featuring renowned DJs and artists from Vietnam. These events can attract up to 500 attendees each night, although they occur only once a month. You can stay updated on these events by checking the bar’s Fanpage.

Nê Cocktail bar – For Unique Cocktail Flavors

Nê Cocktail bar
Simple space hidden in the street

Ne Cocktail offers a mysterious yet cozy setting. The atmosphere is serene yet vibrant both day and night as the bar is located on the bustling Tong Duy Tan street. Adorned with red brick walls and thoughtfully curated artwork, the restaurant exudes charm with its captivating crimson accents.

Back in 2017, the bar made waves worldwide with its Pho cocktail, garnering recognition from esteemed publications like CNN and AFP. Nê Cocktail bar has an unique and creative cocktail menu. You can even make personalized requests to the bartender based on your mood or individual taste preferences.

Polite & Co – Classic Hanoi Pub

Polite & Co's gentle, nostalgic style
Polite & Co’s gentle, nostalgic style

Polite & Co is a long-standing bar in Hanoi, drawing inspiration from the nightlife scene of the early 20th century. The bar is formerly known as Polite Pub, it traces its roots back to 1995 as a traditional tavern in the heart of the city.

The establishment exudes a timeless and cozy atmosphere. Its classic style offers a selection of classic beverages, each with its own narrative and essence taste of Hanoi. Furthermore, the bar showcases ingenuity with five cocktails crafted from locally sourced ingredients, meticulously presented to enhance their unique flavors.

Puku Cafe and Sports Bar – Hangout spot for friends

Hanoi Puku Restaurant & Bar
Hanoi Puku Restaurant & Bar
  • Address: 16 Tong Duy Tan, Hanoi
  • Opening time: Open 24 hours
  • Price range: 40,000 – 250,000 VND (1,6 – 10 USD)
  • Menu: Puku offers a variety of food including Italian, Mexican, European and Vietnamese cuisine Along with that are coffee, tea, smoothies, cocktails, beer, soft drinks, etc
  • Contact: Facebook

If you are seeking a sociable venue with delectable food and drinks, perfect for catching up and watching sports together, then Puku is the place to be. The bar has a wide range of food options, coffee, wine, and beer. It has garnered numerous positive reviews from visitors praising its food, service, and affordability.

The Hanoi Social Club – Hidden Old Villa Bar

Hanoi Social Club - Hidden Old Villa Bar
Hanoi Bar with cozy and vibrant atmosphere

Hanoi Social Club is an interesting multi-level club in a 1920s French colonial villa. Its space is inspired by the Melbourne’s famous cafe scene. The venue is also home to regular concert and film nights, as well as art shows, craft and design fairs. Hanoi Social Club’s menu, music and décor are all reminiscent of a relaxing alleyway cafe bar.

Hanoi Rock City – Rock Music Venue Bar

Hanoi Rock City - Rock Music Venue Bar
Fire up with the rock band at Hanoi Rock City
  • Address: 27/52 To Ngoc Van, Quang An, Tay Ho, Ha Noi
  • Opening time: 5 pm – 11 pm
  • Ticket: 50,000 – 150,000 VND (2 – 6 USD) for live music at 2nd floor
  • Price range: 100,000 – 550,000 VND (4 – 22 USD)
  • Menu: Beer, juice, cocktail
  • Contact: Website

This is a destination tailored for true music enthusiasts. The spot mainly featuring rock shows, underground music activities, and performances spanning electronic, Latin, swing jazz, indie rock, metal, as well as Vietnamese music from the 1970s, etc. You can check the performance schedule on Hanoi Rock City Fanpage.

The bar has two floors. The first floor designed in a rustic, liberal, and inviting manner, providing a relaxed setting for guests to enjoy their drinks. The second floor functions as a music bar with a capacity of around 100 people, doubling as an event space. I need to note here that the venue’s main focus is on music, so the beverage offerings might be not meticulous.

Hero Club – Dynamic Hanoi Bar

Hero Club - Dynamic Hanoi Bar
Exploding music space – Hanoi best bars & clubs

Hero Club is a well-known nighttime hotspot for Hanoi’s young crowd. With contemporary music and lighting, the bar offers reasonably priced drinks. For those in search of an energetic venue to party at night, Hero Club is worth checking out.

The Blues Bar – On The Lively Ta Hien Street

The Blues Bar - On The Lively Ta Hien Street
The bustling nightlife at The Blue Bar Hanoi

Located on Ta Hien beer street, The Blue Bar offers both indoor and outdoor seating. Ta Hien street is renowned for its bustling atmosphere, where everyone on the street shares a lively ambiance. You can visit The Blue Bar to experience the free, welcoming, and cheerful atmosphere in Hanoi.

The drink options at the bar are diverse, reasonably priced, and delicious. The staff at The Blue Bar are also very enthusiastic and friendly.

SWI:P Speakeasy bar – Charming secret bar

SWIP Speakeasy bar - Charming secret bar
Enjoy the secluded space at one of Hanoi best bars and clubs

This is a speakeasy bar model worth visiting. The ambiance and atmosphere exude sophistication and elegance. The bar offers a variety of delicious and creative drinks. Have you ever thought about trying truffle-infused cocktails? “The cocktails are crafted with love and attention,” a customer reviewed about the drinks at SWI:P Speakeasy bar.

Tannin Wine Bar – 500 Wine choices

Tannin Wine Bar - 500 Wine choices
Enjoy cuisine and wine in a luxurious space

For wine aficionados, Tannin Wine Bar presents an impressive array of 500 choices for you to explore. The bar offers an ambiance that blends classic European inspiration with modern industrial design elements. Guests can savor wine alongside the bar’s European-style food menu. This venue is highly favored by couples.

Ta Hien Street – Beer Corner for Hanoi Nightlife Lovers

Ta Hien Street - Beer Corner for Nighlife Lovers
Street Beer Hanoi at night


Vietnamese people have a penchant for fresh beer, which has gradually given rise to an intriguing street beer culture. Ta Hien beer street can be considered the epitome of Hanoi’s street beer culture. Here, you can enjoy cold glasses of affordable beer starting from 0.4 USD, along with street food delicacies such as grilled squid, boiled peanuts, fermented pork rolls, etc.

An interesting aspect of the beer culture here is that everyone sits together on low plastic stools, using them as tables, chatting, and enjoying beer cheerfully.  Such an open bar setup is undoubtedly exciting, don’t you think?

Along this street, you will find numerous bars, sky bars, and food stalls where you can choose to dine inside or sit outside. Ta Hien beer is available at modest sidewalk stalls, not flashy or extravagant, yet it always holds a cherished spot in the hearts of patrons every time they visit.


In Hanoi, there is an abundance of bars, pubs, and clubs that exude intriguing local charm while serving up delicious culinary delights and beverages. Eviva Tour Vietnam suggests trying out a local bar experience when you visit the capital of Vietnam. If you have already delved into this, you can back here and share your impressions or any recommendations you have uncovered for other travelers to enjoy.


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