5 things FREE in Da Nang

Da Nang is not only one of the top wonderful destinations in Vietnam with stunning landscape and delicious seafood but also is well-known as the most civilized city in Vietnam. Moreover, Da Nang has free things that will amaze tourists.

1. Free pure water on street

You can easily see a bottle of iced water or a pot of tea along your sidewalk and you are welcome to take a rest and drink a cup of tea/water without paying any fee. It starts from the desire of kind citizens who want to send small gifts for the tourists who are thirsty because of hot weather in Da Nang, or for the homeless and the poor people. This is a very beautiful and meaningful action in Da Nang.

Free pure water on Street in Lien Chieu District , Da Nang
Free pure water on Street in Lien Chieu District , Da Nang

2. Free wifi

In Vietnam, apart from Ha Long, Hoi An and Hue, Da Nang is the forth city deploying free wifi. It is useful for the tourist as well as for education, traffic management, pollution warning, etc

Free wifi is now available in Da Nang
Free wifi is now available in Da Nang

3. Free sightseeing destination

There are famous destinations in Da Nang such as The Cock, Linh Ung Pagoda, Non Nuoc stone caving village, Han River, etc and tourist do not have to pay fee for entry. Especially, in annual 30/4, tourist will have chance to enjoy the fireworks competition for free in Da Nang.

4. Free public toilet

The public toilets at the bus station in Da Nang center are tiled by ceramic. They are clean, airy and equipped with mirror, comb and liquid soap. It is opened from 4.30 am and closes at 9 pm and the tourist must comply with the rules of putting off shoes, sandals before entering to toilet to ensure no dirt dragged inside.

5. Free hospital for cancer patients

It is opened since 2013 with the size of 500 beds, 27 faculty and equipped by modern machinery systems and synchronized to meet the needs of cancer care as multi slice CT-scan, 3T MRI machines, 4D ultrasound scan, etc, and automatic biochemical analyzer, equipments and systems of radiotherapy techniques. Mr Nguyen Ba Thanh – the secretary of Central Committee said that “this is the first non-profit cancer hospital in Vietnam which is funded by donations and sponsorships. The poor patients can receive free cancer treatment here.”

by: Kamberidis Nikolaos

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