5 useful tips while traveling in Vietnam

Taxi in Vietnam

Each country has its own rules for traveling in general. However, due to the difference in each one’s culture and characteristics, there would be different tips for traveling in these typical countries. Vietnam is not an exception for this rule as Vietnam has 54 different minorities and each one has their own culture and beliefs.

Therefore, these 5 tips might be helpful for you while traveling in Vietnam based on my experience while traveling here with Ms. Trang – a tour guide of Eviva Tour Vietnam.

1. Always look at every direction carefully before crossing the road

Crossing the road in Vietnam
Crossing the road in Vietnam

If you come to Vietnam the very first time, you will be very surprised by the way Vietnamese people driving and crossing the road. Anywhere in Vietnam, you would see tons of motorbikes coming from every possible direction. Yes! Every possible direction! Some people might want to save time from traffic jams on the road, so they even drive their motorbikes ON the pavements to go ahead of the others. Therefore, the pavements in Vietnam are not always a safe place to walk. However, you need to get used to it as it is a part of Vietnamese culture.

2. Always be careful if your taxi driver ask you which way to go

Traveling by taxi seems to be a common way of going to where you want in any town or city in the world. However, some taxi drivers in Vietnam may want to take advantage of the fact that you don’t know the way, so they would choose the longest route to rip you off. So you should choose carefully the brand of the taxi you will get into will be really helpful tips if you are going to travel to Vietnam.

3. Always ask the price first before you touch or decide to buy something.

Shopping in Hanoi
Shopping in Hanoi

Except for shops that show the prices for each item clearly, you should always ask the shop keepers for prices beforehand. Some people would want to charge foreigners for higher prices than its real prices because of the differences in the exchange rate between dollars and Vietnamese dong. They think that it would not take much difference to foreigners if they raise the prices only from $1 to $1.5. So if you don’t want to be charged higher or ripped off, you should know the prices clearly beforehand.

4. Never let your hand out of your bag

This might be one of the most important tips while traveling in Vietnam as thieves here may drive motorbikes pass you and take your bags away from you by force and he acts fast! One minute earlier, your bags still here with you, and just a second later, you lose your bag. You remain there with some injuries in both physics and mental. You might not know what has just happened to you until a minute later. So, never let your hand out of your bag and never let your bag out of your sight!

5. Be careful whenever you are at a crowded place

You might never think of the situation of while being pushed, your bag is also being ripped and thieves are taking things from your bag! Those thieves are smart and know that crowded places are the perfect places for them to earn money. Therefore, if you walk through a place that is crowded, you should put your bags in front of you and never put things or money in your back pockets of your pants since those are the easiest places to steal things from you.


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