5 ways to have the panoramic view of Ha Long Bay

Halong Bay, Vietnam

One of the top destinations when visiting Vietnam is Ha Long Bay in Quang Ninh province. Ha Long is famous for its stunning bay in Tonkin Gulf and prosperous portal city. Now, it is easy for visitors to have the whole view of the city from every angle. Check out these 5 popular ways and tours in Ha Long Bay.

Queen Cable Car

Queen Cable Car


Duration: 5 minutes

Having fun at Sunworld amusement park is a great way to explore and experience the city. The Queen Cable Car will take you from the Sunworld amusement park in Bai Chay across the Bay below to the Mysterious Hill on Ba Deo hill – where the Sun Wheel is located. From the Queen Cable Car, visitors can have the view of the intersection between Ha Long city and the bay and islands in the bay from afar.

Sun Wheel

Experiencing the Sun Wheel in Ha Long Sun World Complex

Duration: 15-20 minutes for 1 rotation

Located 215m above sea level on the top of the Ba Deo hill, the sun-shaped wheel bright red that stands out both day and night in the center of the city will bring you up to the sky to look down at the city and bay. The Mysterious Hill where Sun Wheel is situated also has an elegantly designed Japanese-style entertainment area for visitors to explore.

Ti Top Island

Ti Top Island

To look beyond the mainland, deeper to the wonder bay, visitors can choose to take the day cruise to visit the bay throughout the day or stay in the overnight cruise for longer journeys. There are many small mountain islands on the bay with different shapes and heights. On Ti Top island, people can swim or climb to the top to enjoy the view of the bay surrounded by the immense green of flora, emerald sea water with cruises and ships passing through, and sequential islands in the distance under the extensive blue sky.

It is also possible to watch from the top of Bai Tho mountain. Bai Tho means poem in Vietnamese, the view from here is as poetic as its name. Bai Tho Mountain is located on the mainland and near the bay so visitors can still have a city view and bay view ahead.  However, this place is temporarily closed due to the danger while climbing, the way up is not as easy as the way to Ti Top’s top.


Halong Seaplane

Duration: 15-25 minutes

Seaplanes offer the ability to have a marvelous vision by speed, openness and mobility. Ha Long Bay is wide-ranging with emerald water, scattered limestone islands and mountains, all along with the life-beat of locals in fishing villages and the appearance of natural beauty loving guests come from near and far lands. You are used to looking at those scenery up close, feeling it slowly in every sense. Nevertheless, imagine you are capturing the entire scene up above into your eyes. It is also a worthwhile sight of a lifetime, isn’t it?

Helicopter tour

Helicopter tour in Halong Bay

Duration: Depending on the tour with time range from 10-40 minutes

Customers choosing helicopter tours can select short or long tours to different locations and transit schedules. The helicopter has 5 seats, of which 1 is for the pilot and 4 for passengers. The tourist helicopter has its own helipad airport on Tuan Chau island, Ha Long city that serves 3 types of scenic flights to Ha Long. The front seat next to the pilot is rated as the best with the glass extending from the top to the bottom of the occupant’s feet, so this seat costs more than other 3 seats in the back.

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