British University Vietnam (BUV) field trip at Evivatour’s office

British University Vietnam visit Eviva Tour

Yesterday, Eviva had the pleasure to welcome 19 students majoring in Tourism Management from British University Vietnam along with subject lecturers Dr. Maren Viol and Mr. Thang – the school’s Career Services Officer.

The program took place under the guidance of Evivatour Vietnam CEO, Ms. Bach Duong Nguyen (Jessica). With her deep experience and passion for operating an inbound travel agency and working in the tourism industry, Jessica warmly introduced and answered questions about the tourism industry’s insight, company operation, and career orientation. For a better understanding of the reality when working with customers and partners, Eviva senior travel consultant Ms. Ha Ngo (Katie) also had a close and passionate talk with BUV students.

British University Vietnam visit Eviva Tour

We were impressed with the talented, confident, and determined students from BUV. Throughout the program, Jessica and Katie received many practical questions and open-sharing concerns from the future personnel of the tourism industry. The discussion was not only about the application and difference of what was learned at school in the practice of operating the company but also to figure out the source of perseverance and passion for working in the industry.

To answer those concerns, Jessica and Katie all agree that the secret of job development as well as long-term job engagement is to focus on the core value of passion and quality. Products represent our efforts and achievements, to show how far we can reach. “Always ask yourself: Can I do it better? Is this the best I can do?” – Jessica said. And passion is for our joy and happiness when supporting customers and spreading wonderful Vietnam to friends from all around the world. “After all, work is just one part of life along with so many other parts, you can choose to live the life you want. Everything you do today, even if it is good or bad, is also the accumulation for you to live in the future.” – Katie shares the reason why she can maintain her fire as a travel consultant.

British University Vietnam visit Eviva Tour

Thank you to all the staff who contributed to making the training session possible and successful. We believe that the brilliant youthful flame of BUV students and Eviva team’s warm and caring flame met, then created the chance for us to make it better and greater.

Wish everyone all the best!

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