A wonderful time in Da Nang

Golden Bridge, Bana Hill, Da Nang

Let’s get away from the bustling city life to have a full relaxation holiday resting and refilling your energy. The last 4-day-trip to Da Nang brought me unforgettable experiences and was one of our best holidays ever.

After months of working, all you need is to relax and to clear your mind. For me, going somewhere far away from Ha Noi is always the best solution and one time I chose Da Nang – the most worth living city in Viet Nam. Da Nang is the perfect destination not only for international tourists but also for the local people with many luxurious hotel, exquisite beaches, delicious food, nice weather, and many others interesting activities.

Delighted from the start

The first step of our holiday started by booking a hotel. As a business man, I’d like to stay in a luxurious hotel with an acceptable fare. I finally found A La Carte hotel to be the most suitable place for my family.

A La Carte, uniquely and minutely

Stunning bar at the top of the hotel A La Carte
Stunning bar at the top of the hotel

Deluxe and comfortable room

A La Carte Da Nang - Highest swimming pool
There is a “highest swimming pool” of Viet Nam placed on the 23th floor of A La Carte

A La Carte hotel is a luxury 4 – star hotel which provides gym, restaurant, rooms and especially, the highest rooftop swimming pool in Viet Nam. The hotel promoted several types of rooms to us from the cheapest to the most expensive. “Delight” room was the type with a bonus bathtub and a lovely balcony overlooking the My Khe beach. Unfortunately, it was not enough room for 4 people so we selected a “Delight plus” room with all basic equipment and a reasonable price.

Amazing beach

my khe beach da nang
My Khe beach – 1/10 exquisite beach on the planet

The next morning we went to My Khe beach. I prefered to go there early (about 5:30 AM) because at that time, the beach is regularly less crowded. The water is transparent and cool, with less jellyfish in the early morning and the sunrise view is wonderful. My Khe beach is one of the most charming beaches of the planet with white soft sand and crystal blue sea. Our family had such a wonderful time participating in several interesting activities on the beach.

“Culinary”, more than “Delicious”

Mi Quang
Mi Quang – a culinary symbol of central region

Da Nang’s cuisine is regional unique and tasty with specialties such as “mi Quang” or “nem lui”. Ended up cycling from A La Carte to Le Duan road, my family tried the delicious “bun mam” at the famous “Bun mam ba Thuyen”. The dish was a perfect combination of sausages , fish sauce, herbs, and cucumber that certainly impressed every food lover. “Bun mam Ba Thuyen” is undoubtedly a must-visit place when you are in Da Nang.

The day after, we had our lunch at 1A Hai Phong street – the best place to had a bowl of “mi quang” in Da nang. Inside a large bowl, I had marinated shrimps, chicken, pork, egg and a unique type of chewy noodle. Totally enjoyed the meal!

Unforgettable experiences

Bana Hill, Da Nang
The stunning sites of Ba Na Hill

Our 4 days in Da Nang are full of joy and amazing experiences from surfing to scuba diving, from fishing in the ocean to coral seeing. Besides, it would be a big deficiency not to mention Ba Na Hills. It only took us 15 minutes to get to Ba Na Hills by one of the most impressive cable systems in the world. Take a look from the inside the cable to enjoy the stunning view from the giant Buddha statue in the edge of Bai Ran beach to the deep blue ocean and Truong Son mountain.

Ba Na is a hill station and resort located nearby the majestic Truong Son Mountains, with wonderful French style architecture work, deluxe 4-star hotels, Jardin D’Amour flower garden, fantasy park and famous cellar. There is also a Wax museum, where many waxworks of famous people like Bruce Lee or Michael Jackson are exhibited. My son and I also tried the self-control rollercoaster there and it was awesome.

On our way home, we stopped to visit Linh Ung temple, where a giant statue of Buddha is placed for people to come praying happiness for their loved ones.

Quote after the trip

“4 days might be a short time for many people but I only need a day to feel the wonderful spirit of this city, from the sights to the friendly locals in Da Nang.”

Author: Ho Hoang

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