Boi Tran Gallery

Boi Tran Gallery

If you’re a person that has a thing for art, then look no further than the Boi Tran Gallery, located on Thien An hill, away from Hue city center around 10km. The owner of the gallery is a female artist – collector, Chinh Boi Tran. She’s one of the first people to open a private gallery in Hue.

Boi Tran Gallery’s campus is larger than 5,000m2 with interwoven houses with the ancient and modern architecture of European houses. In each house are used to display: paintings, statues, pottery, antiques, documents, art books… the owner’s taste is expressed through the delicately interwoven connection Eastern – Western architecture combines artifact artifacts. In the garden, there are also octagonal floors used as space for artists to stay immersed in nature to compose, or simply as a place to enjoy tea for visitors to play.

With a strong and persistent passion for painting, Boi Tran put a lot of effort and money to pursue the work of a collector (and business) of fine artworks. She believes that investing in art in the long run to achieve a high level will bring super material benefits both physically and mentally.

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