Dong Ba Market

Dong Ba Market

If you come to Hue and wonder what to buy and where to eat, go around Dong Ba market, make sure you will be too fascinated to leave this place. From outside, it looks just like other typical markets, but when you go inside, you will see the difference and understand why this place worths the name “the most elite market” of Hue. Over hundreds of years of Vietnamese history, the Dong Ba market remains intact by the charming Huong river. In the period of integration and development, supermarkets and luxury shopping centers are crowded all over the roads. However, the Dong Ba market still defaults a unique position in the heart of each child of Hue without being replaced. No matter how everything changes, this place always keeps itself an ancient character.

The image of the Dong Ba market is a symbol, a characteristic of Hue. Dong Ba Market has many goods with diverse quality at affordable prices. The market includes a 3-storey building in the center, called the bell tower, surrounded by rows of houses forming a U-shaped belt. The 3rd floor of the bell tower is for fabric and clothes stands. The 2nd floor is the place to sell handicrafts as souvenirs when traveling to Hue. From the traditional Vietnamese hat (Nón) to the pottery items of the ancient village of Phuoc Tich … everything is on this second floor. The first floor displays stalls selling dried seafood and dozens of kinds of Hue specialty fish sauce, from shrimp paste, shellfish sauce, and shrimp paste. Those dishes are superb unique, and special. If you randomly stray to the food court, it will be very difficult to get out of there, because the food here is not only delicious, strange, beautiful but also extremely cheap. If you want to taste like a local, you will have many choices here.

Not only is the bustling place of trading goods in the Ancient City Hue, Dong Ba Market also contains many cultural values, the spirit reflects local life and activities of Hue people and is also an indispensable destination of each visitor coming to Hue.

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