Domaine de Marie church

Domaine de Marie church, Da Lat

The church is also known as St. Vincent church (it’s the chapel of sister from Mission of Charity) or Cherry Church (there were cherry trees surrounding this place before). With a total area of 12 ha, the church is located on Ngo Quyen St. that is away from Dalat city 1km to the southwest.

The construction was started from 1930 to 1943. It consists of the main church and two convents, representing typical 17th century French style through an isosceles triangle with small arched windows and a rose-shaped window. In addition, the church architecture is perfectly combined with Vietnamese arrangement, especially the roof designed from stilt house of ethnic minorities in central highland.

Behind the church, there is a grave of madam Decoux – who made great contribution to the church during construction period. Today, the church is home to 50 Roman Catholic nuns, and they make handicrafts and sell fruit to support themselves.

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