Valley of Love

Valley of Love, Da Lat

Exactly like its name, the Valley of Love had to pass over many obstacles to get it romantic name as today. When the valley was discovered by the French during 1930s, they named it “Vallee d’Amour” (Valley of Love). Under the regime of the Emperor Bao Dai, the valley was called “Valley of Peace”. In 1953, it got the name “Valley of Love” back and owned it till this day.

Surrounded by lush green pine forests, the beauty of the valley is so poetic that many couples visit here for their honeymoon. Walking along the paths, going through splendid gardens with colorful flowers, visitors reach Vong Canh hill. Across the small bridge, then, the Paradise hill – an isolated place near the Da Thien lake.

Only 5km to the north from the center of Dalat, the Valley of Love is worth to come over and to enjoy the landscape here.

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