Waterfall: Datanla, Prenn

Datanla Waterfall in Da Lat, Vietnam

Away from the city centre about 10 km on national avenue 20, Datanla waterfall is a not-to-be-missed destination. The first impression is echoes from falling water on the downside. It is not easy to realize the hiding fall as it is surrounded by pine forest.

According to the legend of ethnic minorities living in central highland, Datanla is where the hero K’lang met the beauty Ho Biang. It was also the place that he fought with two cobras, seven wolves and two foxes. Then, a deep hole was created as the fight’s consequence. From then, it was the dating place of the couple.

The name “Datanla” originated from its ethnic name “Da Tam N’nha” which means “there is water under leaves”.

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