Do’s and Dont’s in Vietnam


Are you planning for a beach vacation in Vietnam? EVIVA would like to introduce you some useful tips below.


– Bring a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 or higher so that your skin can be protected while you are relaxing on the beaches. Please apply sunscreen on your body at least 30-45 minutes before going out.
– Bring a wide-brim hat, a sunglass to keep your hair healthy and protect your eyes from sunlight.
– Bring eye drops and ear cleaning cotton buds.
– Bring sandals, sandals for lightweight and cool to the feet.
– Always being accompanied by 1-2 other people, the more crowded the safer. Both of you can support each other when there are problems.
– Water your body slowly to avoid sudden changes in body’s temperature which could lead to an unexpected cold.
– Go on shore immediately if you experience the following symptoms: you are feeling cold or unusually tired, your forehead or nape aches, having cramps, itchiness or visual disturbances, or signs of abdominal distention, your elbow and knee is paining.


– Do not swim if the temperature is below 18oC.
– Do not swim too far from shore within 15 meters or an area deeper than 5m. Please notice the red flag.
– Do not stay out in the sun for too long before going into the water. Do not let yourself get too hungry or too full. Do not hold your breath too long while diving.
– Do not bring watches, jewelries especially necklaces while swimming.
– Keep an eye on your children. Do not let them swim out to the sea alone or playing on the sand liable to subsidence.
– Do not swim in calm waters with small waves, or the water is darker than usual because this is the reverse flow (rip current) because it will pull you away from shore. Do not try to swim against the current stream, instead, just follow the downriver, and wait until water slows down. Let’s swim parallel to the shore and the waves possibly slowly hit you to the shore. If you feel you are being pulled away, let yourself float on the water, raise your hand to signal for help.

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