Vietnam Destinations for Couples

Dam Trau Beach, Con Dao Island

The Maldives, Seychelles, Greece, Bali, Paris… are real magnet places that attract couples from all around the world. However, if you do not want to follow beaten tracks and travel to such banal places surrounded by a dozen of other couples, the list of Vietnam destinations below will help you to get a truly unforgettable trip with your other one.

1. West Lake – Hanoi

Hanoi, the heart of Vietnam, is associated with the exotic lives of locals. Nevertheless, this city also has a hidden, tranquil, and marvelous place – West Lake, which has a beautiful scene of the glow of the sunset. For those who want to find a place hidden from prying eyes nearby Hanoi, or just to escape the crowded city to stay together in a romantic atmosphere, sun set in West Lake is the main reason to lure couples here.

West Lake in Hanoi
West Lake in Hanoi

Then, traveling in Hanoi, West Lake will be a great destination for the couples to have the most memorable moments. West Lake is gorgeous all year round, especially in May and June when Hanoi turns to the lotus blooming season. Also, those who prefer an active lifestyle can rent a bike to cycle around the lake and enjoy the peacefulness.


2. Hoi An Old Town – Quang Nam

Hoi An is a small street in Quang Nam that houses old-town architecture, making it an atmospheric and lovely spot.
To get to Hoi An from Hanoi, you have three options: taking a flight (the fastest way), a train, or a bus. However, it is also convenient to visit Hoi An from other places because you can fly straight into the Danang airport then move to Quang Nam by car.

Hoi An Old Town – Quang Nam
In Hoi An, after 6 p.m., try a boat trip, which is considered a definition of romance. Moreover, while floating on the boat, you can also put paper lanterns with candles inside and twinkle down on the river to make a wish. It is considered to bring you good luck and happiness.

As the destination that has hospitable and friendly locals, do not be surprised when they invite you to try unique Hoianian food such as “Mot drink” or “Phuong Bami” and “Chicken rice.”

Hoi An Old Town – Quang Nam
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The best time to visit Hoi An must be in the evening when you can be overwhelmed by the vibrant atmosphere and colorful street mixed with mouth watering aromas from food vendors.

3. Da Lat – The little Paris of Vietnam

It is hard to find a more idyllic destination in Vietnam than Da Lat since it is known as “Vietnam’s city of love.” Aside Da Lat is also famous for its clouds of flowers and all year round pleasant cool weather. While visiting this place, couples will be stunned by its romantic and dreamy beauty of natural scenes.

Whenever you go to Da Lat, you will observe couples holding their hands wandering all around the city. To immerse in an amorous atmosphere, you can visit the Love Valley, enjoy a hot, freshly brewed cup of coffee in vintage coffee shops, or spoon each other on top of the Lang Biang mountain to admire the marvelous view of Dalat.

Da Lat – The little Paris of Vietnam

You can visit Da Lat all year round since every season there has its own charm. Nevertheless, the best time to come to Da Lat is between November and June, when Da Lat turns to the dry season in the winter and blooming season in the spring. Additionally, on the weekend Da Lat is crowded with locals. Therefore, if you want to enjoy a peaceful and tranquil retreat, please visit Da Lat on weekdays instead.

4. Sapa – Where Romance Evolves in the Spectacular Setting

Have you ever come to Sapa? If you have not been there before, hold your lover’s hand and come right on a trip to Sapa as this place will not let you down. Just about 4 driving-hour from Hanoi (376 kilometers), Sapa is a town hidden in a fog surrounded by the mountains.

Sapa has almost all types of weather throughout the year: sunny, foggy, cloudy, or rainy days, low, and also high temperatures. The temperature is very high in the summer months. However, due to the altitude and the influence of the surrounding mountains, the temperature is considerably lower than in Hanoi, and many other places, suffer from sparkling under incessant sunbeams.

Sapa – Where Romance Evolves in the Spectacular Setting
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Interestingly, Sapa is the only place to has snow in this sun-kissed country. This spectacular natural scenery of Sapa leads couples to enjoy a majestic unusual but romantic at the same time atmosphere.

By this, both summer and winter bring you their spectacular beauty. Besides, autumn is also a wonderful time of the year in Sapa. In September, the terraced fields are ripe with the silky yellow coverage that stretch into distance. Magnificent scene! Spend a couple of days in Sapa to admire the full beauty of the town in the rice harvest season.

Just imagine, you with your special one walk around the hills, villages of tribal people, through terraced fields hand in hand among rugged snow-capped mountains and flickering starry night skies, after that, enjoy local delicacies in a romantic tinge of this lovely land. It sounds wonderful, right? Then visit this unique picturesque town.

5. Con Dao – a Mysterious Paradise for Couples

Con Dao is a wonderful romantic getaway option for Phu Quoc with fewer visitors if you want more privacy. You will love the wild natural beauty, romantic beaches, and luxury hotels as well as resorts in Con Dao.

Con Dao
Instagram: @vuong_phamquoc

The seafood at Con Dao has different specialties such as Oc Vu Nang, moon crabs, lobsters, and herbal jam… which you can find on Con Son Night Market. Go to the market for reasonably priced dining in the various sections of fresh grilled seafood, Vietnamese delicacies, and desserts. You can also let your soul sing in the public karaoke section and try traditional Vietnamese games such as balancing on a beam.

A boat trip to the neighboring islands would be an enjoyable experience for you and the other half, but get in mind to carry your passport for the trip to register at the port! A trip often includes swimming excursions (snorkeling) and hanging out on islands, which will retain you to stay there more for a couple of days.

Another fun activity on Con Dao is hiking in Con Dao National Park to experience nature throughout the forest. You will be lost in time and space due to the majestic beauty of the natural forestry with the hundreds of years old heritage tree and marine landscape!

Also, to get to know about the history of Con Dao and its dark past, go to the Con Dao Museum and Con Dao Prisons. Many people may not believe that this heavenly place was once called “Hell on the Earth”, but Con Dao is the place where Americans and French tortured and held captive Vietnamese fighters and revolutionary soldiers. It is a humbling experience to visit the Tiger Cages and imagine the pain and torture that people went through!

6. Lakeside glamping in Dak Lak – The most romantic glamping experience you could imagine Possible

Are you planning a holiday with your loved one but tired of the same old hotels and beach getaway on the coasts? Why don’t you try out something new? Book a trip out to Dak Lak (Vietnam) and try some lakeside glamping, which would be the best vacation you have ever had. Just so you know, glamping is the upgraded version of camping since you still will be close to nature, but your tent will be well-equipped with a bed to sleep on with no bugs, plumbing equipment, and other conveniences. Moreover, glamping is an opportunity to stay away from all the cities’ distractions, noises and devote yourselves to each other.

The central province of Dak Lak is not discovered by many travelers, which means couples who appreciate enjoying harmony and peacefulness will find it there. It will help you spend a great time with each other, or share a couple’s experience. Hot tubs under the stars, wind swinging hammocks, wide beds with a panoramic, picturesque view are waiting for you to give a romantic, healing break in the outdoors!

7. Homestays in Mekong Delta – Discover the Life on a Boat

Instead of staying at building hotels, what about spending a night at a homestay in Mekong Delta? This place is also known as “Vietnam’s rice bowl!” since almost all locals there are engaged in rice cultivation.

Staying with a local family on your trip through the Delta offers you a fun ride beside the river along paths through the local villages, bustling floating markets, tiny sampans floating down leafy canals, sun-drenched rice paddies, and ornate pagodas… Moreover, you will see the boat life of the local people, which would be very exciting!

Less Touristy Floating Markets in Mekong Delta

Homestays are right on the river and have the best riverside view. Bungalows are very spacious, with great beds, nets, and their own private bathroom. Furthermore, you can watch the sunset, lay in hammocks. Imagine how great it is when just relaxing and watching the world go by? Just like the sunset, it would be very romantic! On top of that, you will have a delectable home-cooked dinner made out of fresh fishes and vegetables. Also, if you wake up early and take a boat to the nearest floating market, you can explore a mouth-watering boat food that you cannot find anywhere else!


It would be a perfect couple trip for those who love to discover a local culture!

8. Caving in Phong Nha – the Best Place for Adventure Enthusiasts

Are you looking for something adventure enthusiastic? Come to Phong Nha! This place offers a boat trip to the spectacular system of underground rivers, passages, and caves, which has been created continuously by nature over millions of years. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? Then, let’s share each jaw-dropping sight and satisfying moment with your loved one in such an aesthetic place because all this wonder awaits you to enjoy and explore!

Caving in Phong Nha
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9. Ho Chi Minh City – Foodies Heaven

If you cannot imagine your life without tasty food, then join a celebration of Vietnamese food culture on a delectable food quest tour around Ho Chi Minh! You can choose a morning, afternoon, evening, or even night food tour to discover spectacular Vietnamese dishes.

The variety of Vietnamese restaurants, food stalls, and street food stands spreading the aromatic scent that fills the whole street will make you dizzied. Interestingly, this is the country where you can find everything on one street – from inexpensive Vietnamese street foods to fancy fine-dining to treat your partners. It is highly recommended to visit Co Giang Street, one of the famous destinations for local foodies. The street converged tons of local delicacies from snacks (street food) to main dishes, such as chè (sweet soup), bún thịt nướng (vermicelli with grilled meat, which is quite similar to well-known bun cha), bánh mì hấp (steamed bread), kem xôi dừa (Coconut ice cream with sticky rice)… Besides, it is also known that to find a good, delectable food in Vietnam you have to visit super-small alleys. Come to 177 Ly Tu Trong Alley to try pha lau (a familiar dish of the Chinese made from the viscera of animals boiled down to a soft texture in a salty broth), fruit bowl, steamed dumplings… or look in on banh trang nuong (girdle cake, or also known as Vietnamese “pizza”), bánh ướt (steamed thin rice pancake), banh beo (bloating fern-shaped cake),…

Ho Chi Minh City – Foodies Heaven
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There are so many foods you must eat in Vietnam, so book the trip now! Expand your palate with southern dishes, and by the end of your journey, you definitely will have the favorites that will make you return to Vietnam!

10. Cruise in the Gulf of Tonkin

As a world heritage, Ha Long Bay offers plenty of cruise tours to help couples be alone. The most exciting one is the cruise in the Gulf of Tonkin, which provides a moment of relaxation, romantic for some, to help you enjoy the scenery, the beautiful caves, and a romantic sunset while sitting on the desk with your loved one.

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Besides, if you are a type that loves a more spirited lifestyle, you can come to Lan Ha Bay. It is Ha Long’s neighbour, which is lesser-known, but no less beautiful. This adventurous bay offers loads of activities: from swimming, kayaking, and caving to rock climbing, trekking, and even cycling on some of the larger islands of the bay. There’s something for every adventurous spirit! Cruise packages and boat trips often include those activities, so you can probably combine the two!

Writers: Pham Thi Nhat Le and Ta Thanh Tung

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