Dragon Fruit Farms

Dragon Fruit Farms, Binh Thuan

The coastal province of Binh Thuan is more than beautiful natural landscapes; it is also the land of dragon fruits. Binh Thuan dragon fruit is famous not only in Vietnam but also in many other countries. After recognizing economic and touristic advantages of this fruit, the entrepreneurial Vietnamese to built thousands of hectares dragon fruit farm, just 30 km from Phan Thiet.

Come to Binh Thuan. tourists can have chance to visit dragon fruit gardens with laden trees, flawless white flowers blooming at night and try various delicious dishes made from the fruit. Flowers of dragon fruit is really special as it only blooms at night, pure white, smell like vanilla and its diameter is about 30cm. Despite the fact that these flowers will fade after one night, many people use it for decoration. The red dragon fruit, which has come out recently, is favored by many people as it has beautiful color and pure sweet taste. If visitors could not arrange their time to dragon fruit farm, they still can stop and have a look at the dragon fruit vendors on the A1 highway in the west of Phan Thiet.

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  1. I want to visit Dragon Fruit Farms near To Ho Chi Minh City pls suggest a good plan as i am coming to Vietnam on this coming 8th April,2023

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