Duy Hai fish market

Duy Xuyen, Duy Hai Fish Market, Quang Nam

Duy Hai fish market is a traditional fish market in Hoi An. Tourists are suggested to eat the fresh seafood in the local restaurant after visiting the fish sauce company.

Duy Hai fish market is a traditional fish market 10 minutes away the river to the banks of Duy Hai. If you are a seafood lover, then traveling to Duy Hai fish market is your best choice. No doubt that the seafood there must be very fresh. You can get there by car, yet traveling by boart to Duy Hai market is much more exciting.The tourist is suggested to get on the boat 15 minutes before sunrise so that they can enjoy while taking photos of sunrise from the boat.

There are about 2,000 citizens in Duy Hai. Most of the villagers’ livelihoods are based on catching and processing fish or shrimp to China. While visiting there, you can observe how the villagers vend their seafood to customers. Some of them sell the fishes to the restaurant, some sell them in local markets, and still some others trade their fishes to the local fish sauce company. As a tourist, you are encouraged to buy some seafood for your own use. It might be a battle for you to buy some seafood from local brands. After that battle, you can visit the fish sauce company to know how fish sauce is made. The pungent smell of the fish sauce travels far away from the company, you will probably recognize it meters away. Entering the company, you will see some large wooden vats of water and salt in their 6 months to 1 year fermentation. At the afternoon, tourists could have a lunch at local restaurant. Try some local foods and fresh seafood. Various kind of seafood cuisine is waiting for you.

Going to Duy Hai fish market will be an unforgettable trip for tourists. You can slow down the tempo of life and enjoy observing the local fish market in Vietnam.

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