Tran Family Chapel

Tran Family Chapel

Tran Family Chapel was built by Tran Tu Nhac, a favoured mandarin who lived under the rule of Emperor Gia Long around 200 years ago. This family chapel located at 21 Le Loi Street, 669m from city centre and about 20 km to airport. It is a place for all family members of the Tran clan to worship their ancestors. The house is located in the center of the old town hence it’s easy getting there, especially by bike and on foot.

In late 1802, Tran Tu Nhac and some other mandarins were sent to China as the King’s envoys. Before departure, he wanted to leave something to his offspring and show his gratitude towards his ancestors. So he had this house built.

Today, some of Tran Tu Nhac’s belongings are still in the house; the most representative are a sword and a seal. People of the Tran clan often go to the house to pay their respects to their ancestors. Like other family chapels in Hoi An, the Tran house is situated in the middle of a 1,500 square meters garden with a gate and high surrounding walls. The house is made of precious wood. It is divided into two parts: the main one is used as the worshiping place, and the other one as the living space for the clan’s head and for receiving guests.

This tourist attraction opens from Mon to Sun, from: 08.30AM to 06.00PM. The Tran Family Chapel is a famous tourist attraction due to its architectural and cultural values and it is a fine example of the life of Hoi An residents.

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