Experience walking tour

Trekking in Pom Coong Village, Mai Chau

Walking tour is a great way to explore a destination, a land, a culture. Besides the physical benefits, cost savings, walking also helps visitors to get interesting experience that other type of tours cannot have. Let’s learn about this kind of tour with Eviva Tour Vietnam.

Some advices for walking tour:


– To have a walking tour, you first need to have a plan , the more detailed plan, the easier your trip. Normally a plan will include itinerary, transportation, accommodation, places of interest and time.

– It is very important to know the exact address, location of places, so a good tourist map will help you a lot.

– Prioritise to choose the map marked with locations of attractions, shopping, eating spot … (most airports, hotels, tourism guidebook have this type of map).


– Footwear: You should choose suitable footwear depends on terrain and travel time. With short movement, you can choose soft sandals. If the terrain is mountainous, climbing shoes will be a wise choice.

– Custom: Outfits should be simple and comfortable. Bring a hat, raincoat or jacket in case the weather changes.

– Luggage: Lightweight luggage will help you travel in comfort because it is less exhausting to carry. A small backpack containing personal items such as towels, water, maps, camera, travel guide books, food (if needed) … is enough.

Other notes:

– For safety reasons, before deciding on walking tour to discover, you should thoroughly learn about the destination.

– Depending on experience and health condition, you should decide the route that suits you. For the beginner, walking 4-10km/day is appropriated.

– Best time of day is morning.

– It is possible to consult a walking schedule on the Internet, travel guide books.

– Drink a lot of water in the process of moving to keep yourself hydrated.

As someone said: Use your feet to feel the beat. To experience a land, and have an insight into the life of the indigenous people, the best option is to go for a walk!

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