5 dishes you must try when you visit Cambodia

Lap Khmer, Cambodia

Thailand and Vietnam’s food are very famous, some people travels Vietnam Cambodia tours are so impressed with Vietnamese food that do not notice Cambodia’s food. But, if you try Cambodia ’s food once, you will very surprise how delicious they are. Below are top 5 dish of Campuchia that you should try when you come here. When I booked with EVIVA a Vietnam Cambodia tours last year, I listed 5 amazing dish in Cambodia.

1.Bai sach chrouk

Bai Sach chrouk is the dish you can find anywhere in the morning in Cambodia. It has rice with pork. Pork is marinated with coconut milk and garlic then chief grills pork on ember. All cooking process makes the pork has it special taste. Pork is aromatic and delicious. People eat Bai Sach chrouk with a soup cooked from chicken and a dish full of cucumber and ginger.

2. Lap Khmer

Lap is the name of a Khmer beef salad. Thinly sliced beef or medium-rare cooked beef is marinated with lemon juice, citronella, garlic, fish sauce, vegetable and chilli. Cambodian man loves this dish. They usually drink wine and eat Lap Khmer

3. Fried fish

Fried fish is a traditional dish in Cambodia’ s event. The whole fish is fried, then put on a dish full of coconut curry sauce, yellow kroeung and chili. The Cambodian eats fried fish with cauliflower, cabbage and rice or noodle.

4. Ang dtray – meuk (squid grilled)

Tourists can always see fishermen sell seafood in coastal towns as Sihanoukville and Kep, they bring small coal stoves on their back and serve tourists right on the beach. The squid is marinated with lemon juice and fish sauce then grilled on wooden skewers. People eat Ang dtray – meuk with sauce made from garlic, chili, fish sauce, lemon juice and sugar (a very special sauce of Cambodian)

5. Cha Houy Teuk ( Jelly)

Cha Houy Teuk is a mixture of sticky rice cake, taro, red bean, pumpkin, jack fruit and colourful jellies. People eat Cha Houy Teuk with coconut milk and ice. The price of a dish is 0,25 USD.

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