Family Travel Tips in Vietnam

Together seeing the world and creating lifetime memories with your family, isn’t it great? Yet, family travel preparation can be overwhelming: different needs of the elderly and little ones, unpredictable schedules, long packing lists, etc. In this article, we will help you make family traveling more of a breeze with our collected tips from experienced travel consultants at Eviva. We are going to share everything, from choosing destinations to appropriate activities and transports and eating healthy. Let’s make your family trips to Vietnam the most awesome!

1, Choosing the right destination

Depending on the age of your child, you should consider travel destinations and appropriate facilities. Because children under 2 years old should not move too much in a short time, you should skip trips to many destinations or elements of exploration or adventure. These places are not only unappealing for babies, but also tiring for parents, both when moving and caring for their children.

In Vietnam specifically, here are some destinations that many families will love: Phan Thiet, Nha Trang, Phu Quoc, Hoi An. The reasons are:

Phu Quoc: Phu Quoc island in the Southernmost part of Vietnam has a tropical climate all year round. The best beaches in the country are here and there are lots of activities for family fun from yachting – fishing to visiting safaris and local bee farms.

Hoi An: Coming to Hoi An in central Vietnam, the whole family will love to explore unique ancient architectural works, visit eco-farms or participate in hands-on experiences and the like. Besides, your children can also enjoy delicious local snacks right on the street vendors: fried mussels, crackers, corn, biscuits.

Hoi An Eco Tours
Experience the farming and fishing life in Hoi An. Source: Hoi An Eco Tours

Ha Long Bay: Ha Long Bay is a relaxing destination for families in the North. Your family can board a cruise to explore this UNESCO Natural Heritage Site. At the same time, indispensable entertainment areas for children such as Sun World Halong Park will satisfy your kids’ love for fun rides.

If you are worried about navigating the bustling cities of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi with children, the Mekong Delta is also a great choice. The less touristic Mekong Delta is a good experience for the kids. Many trips are organized on the boat rather than buses. Mostly small boats that carry one family or a group that meander around the plains of the delta to discover nice sceneries and authentic floating markets.

Plan an activity-based trip
Plan an activity-based trip. Photo:


2, Booking in advance and suitable for all family members

Families should book a place of residence in advance. The accommodation choice should have a childcare service, playground for your baby, or other facilities such as those in the kitchen. Either your children are not too big or prefer privateness, you can book a family room or a connecting room. Moreover, based on your budget, it is better to choose a resort with a garden space or a children’s pool or next to the beach. Exposure to nature and the sea atmosphere is also good for your baby’s health.

Choose a resort with a children’s pool
Choose a resort with a children’s pool. Photo:


3, Eating healthy while traveling

Bring snacks: Children may have difficulty eating or be allergic to strange foods so it is a must that you reserve your luggage to store the snacks that they are used to eating daily.

Also, traveling is a great way for your family to explore destination cuisine. If you eat out, you must aim for the reputable among locals. Choose restaurants crowded with local people and tourists. Besides, pay attention to the diet of young children while ordering food, do not be shy to require that to the waiter!

Pho Thin, Lo Duc
The warm soupy goodness of pho. Photo credit: Pho Thin Lo Duc


4, Choosing the appropriate means of transportation

Vietnam is a stretched-out country, which means that destinations are often far from each other. Therefore, it is wiser to choose flights between regions: North – Central – South, other than train due to its facility. By that, the whole family can stay healthier to discover the most in the next stops.

In each destination, explore the way of life through local transports can provide many learning points for the kids. For instance, eco-friendly transports as bicycles can be so much fun as you can stop wherever children like, either to admire a monument, visit a small souvenir shop or chat with the locals, particularly in those quiet towns in Ninh Binh or Mekong Delta. In Hanoi, cyclo in the morning can draw a great insight into local life while sparing your parents’ feet. Boating along the Perfume River in Hue can bring your family to the city’s best attractions, relaxingly.

Going on a bike ride together as a family
Going on a bike ride together as a family.

5, Planning activities in destinations and only put ONE activity on your schedule each day

To choose a destination, the whole family should ask questions about what to do when you get there. The selection of fun activities, tourism suitable for the age of young children should be carefully considered. For example, the family’s destination is the beach, you can suggest some activities such as scuba diving, fishing, flying kites, sailing with dad … Mr. Jenss- a parent of 2 teenage children, shared about family travel experience: “Before planning to go out, my family often gave me an exchanged series of questions like if everyone wanted to relax on the beach, what would the whole family do if they chose to go on a mountain adventure … “.

This is about traveling with children. Therefore, they cannot do many things every day as adults. For example, when coming to Da Nang, on the same day, you should not take your children to the beach and to Ba Na Hill entertainment area where there are beautiful ancient architectural works, the most attractive entertainment games for children to play. Because the family will lose a lot of energy for the next schedule. So enjoy the whole thing ONE offline!

Best beach games for families
Photo credit:

Besides some notes for kids: PREPARE FOR KIDS WHEN TRAVELING

If you need more information to want a great family trip, please contact our travel consultants at or visit our website for General travel tips in Vietnam.

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