Prepare for kids when traveling

Prepare for kids when traveling

Do not ever think kid will make it difficult for the family vacation. You just need to take time to prepare and thoughtfully care for your children, the trip will be fun and comfortable. This is also an opportunity for your children to explore the world around them. Let learn what you need to prepare for your children with Eviva Tour Vietnam.

First of all, you need to focus on the schedule of the trip. If you book a tour of travel companies with a tight schedule, you should not take small kid with you. Because the family will have to walk a lot, move to multiple locations, so the health of children less than 5 years old will not suit this type of travel. The most suitable option for families with young children is a fixed location.

Before you go, you should prepare your child a bag. It contained clothes, towels, brushes, diapers, hat, umbrella, swim suit. If your child is still drinking milk, you need to take milk, bottle, cup, hot water for milk. When your child is between 4 to 6 months of age, the parent should bring a bowl, cup, spoon, instant porridge. You should also carry equipment and food to make homemade porridge if it is not available at the resort, hotel. More carefully, you can bring potty, gas stove, blender, plug or cage for keeping porridge warm… Besides, you should also bring the extra food for children such as yogurt, snacks, fruits…

In addition, the parent should bring less common medicines used to reduce fever, diarrhea, cough, digestive enzymes, peeling bandages, sunscreen and a few toys for baby to play on the train and at hotels.

With air-conditioned train, you should take for baby long sleeve clothes to avoid cold. When going to beach, initially small children cannot go into it, so you have to make your kid get acquainted with the sea water. Your baby should not stay long in the water because of strong winds. You should bring your kid to swimming pool, it would be more appropriate.

Before every meal at the hotel, the parents can ask the chef to cook porridge for children. Then you will make other foods to suit your baby.

If your family stays in a resort or hotel, there will have enough devices such as hair dryers, cotton ear swab, box… so you could do not need to carry these equipment. Many hotels also have different kinds of porridge, soup, Pho suit your child’s taste. Therefore, you should talk to the hotel in advance and request them to follow the family menu.

Hopefully these notes will help you to care for your children in family travel. Wish your family a fun and safe trip!

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