Galina Da Nang

Galina Da Nang

Da Nang is famous for long stunning beaches with crystal blue sea and white sand. Coming to Da Nang, tourists can not only enjoy the beautiful beaches, but also find many other types of entertaining activities. One of them is the mud bath in Galina, something worth to try once in Da Nang.

Located next to the gorgeous My Khe beach, surrounding with many green trees, Galina will bring to visitors a comfortable and relaxing feeling of being immersed into nature. Moreover, tourists can also feel the waves and enjoy the cool atmosphere.

Having great time taking mineral mud bath with friends
Having great time taking mineral mud bath with friends (Source:

Mineral mud bath, referred as “pharmacy” for beauty, benefits our health and is considered to cure many diseases of the joints, detoxify and cleanse the body. Furthermore, it helps to support health recovery and to relax and relieve stress. Mineral mud in Galina is quality guaranteed because it is exploited from mud mine in Nha Trang and transported to Da Nang carefully.

Massaging body in Jacuzzi lake
Massaging body in Jacuzzi lake. (Source:

Coming to Galina, in a mud bath package, tourists can enjoy soaking and massaging body in Jacuzzi lake, foot massage with reserve sprinkler or outdoor pool. In addition, Galina also offers various spa services with extremely friendly and enthusiastic staff, which are highly recommended by many guests.

Experiencing great spa services and feeling relaxed
Experiencing great spa services and feeling relaxed. (Source:

The price range is quite reasonable, from around $13 to $18, depending on the services’ levels.

Steam bath for a healthier body
Steam bath for a healthier body. (Source:

In a nut shell, although Galina Mud Bath & Spa could be not the first choice for people coming to Da Nang, however, taking a day off, chilling in the mud with your family and friends would be a great idea for those who want to fully recharge after a long journey.

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