Vietnam – The country of authenticity

Vietnam – The country of authenticity

A land of 54 ethnic groups with marvelous hill-tribe villages and rice-field mountains and deltas, diversified authentically local-touch experience, hotspot for foodies, stupendously endless coastline and wildly magnificent landscapes, Vietnam is among the fastest growing destinations in 2017 and 2018.

WHY Vietnam?


Life in Vietnam entails the right mix between emerging, modern world-class facilities of skyscrapers and tranquil state of rural areas with paddy fields and grass-fed buffaloes.

As you enjoy sandy beaches that are not yet overcrowded by tourists, you can obtain hands-on experiences such as planting vegetables and rice, cooking eco-host culinary dinner, or simply street-walking to observe Vietnamese daily activities of having their hair-cut by street barbers, buying flowers from vendors or dining out on pavement stools. In mountainous areas, you can trek to witness Vietnamese ethnic minorities with their own clothes and huge baskets on shoulders climbing on steep slopes or working diligently on terraced paddy fie­­lds.


Kotler recommended Vietnam as the “kitchen of the world”. Bourdain invited Obama to taste the-best bun cha. Vietnamese dishes offer the perfect blend of spices and healthy ingredients. Their taste is balanced out between sweet and salt, spicy and sour. Meat and vegetables are freshly collected from early morning markets from 5 to 6 AM. We can easily savor the best noodle soup – phở, the best coffee – egg coffee, the best sandwich of the world – banh my, the best street food or enjoy CNN’s recommendation of the best 40 dishes in Vietnam.


Well-known for its diverse and distinct topography, Vietnam hosts various adventurous trips ranging from soft to hard ones, namely walking, running, biking, trekking, sky-diving, wind-surfing on its picturesque delta, mountain and sea. Not only is Son Doong the world largest breath-taking cave, it is also unique for its own weather system and historic cave pearls. Ha Giang, the northernmost frontier, possesses harmony between limestone pinnacles, rice terraces, and buckwheat flowers. Other adventurous destinations include Mai Chau, Pu Luong, Dac Lac, Kon Tum, which capture the heart of the bravest and most explorative tourists.


Well-carved in the mind of American veterans, Vietnam offers enriching local experience that reminds many of the historic Vietnam War. Tourists can also become fascinated with Vietnam arts, or simply with its best golf courses.

Ranked as top 3 economies with the fastest growth in Asia, Vietnam held APEC 2017 in Danang and saw its large potential for MICE.

A variety of worldly hospitality groups from Marriott, Hilton, InterContinental, Accor and local high quality brands to community-based tourism accommodation help Vietnam tailor the most exquisite experience to different groups of customers.

For family travel, children can enjoy playing in safaris and aquariums, water parks and game centers. Meanwhile, adults can cultivate deeper understanding of Vietnam World Heritages and culture through world-renowned shows such as water puppet, “My Village“, “AO Show” or the marvelous 300-500-artist performance of “Tonkin” and “Hoi An Impression“.

Many travelers consider Vietnam as one of the safest in the world due to its thousand-year village-culture that forges a deep sense of community and stability as secured by one-party governance. Vietnam is one of the friendliest places on earth with helpful, hospitable people who would go the extra miles to help you discover Vietnam – timeless charm.

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