Inwa in Mandalay

Inwa, one of the critical old cities lying at the confluence of Myitnge and Ayeyarwaddy Rivers, is only around 20 km southwest of Mandalay.

Inwa was originally a capital of upper Myanmar from AD 1364 until 1841. Villages, farms, religious communities and ruined pagodas are scattered around the area inside the old city walls. A few parts of the wall are in good condition while some have been restored. Some landmarks raised amid the Inwa period still stay as commendable visiting sights. The Watch Tower, the 27 meter high “inclining tower of Inwa”, is one of the renowned remnants in the palace compound. Maha Aungmye Bonzan monastery constructed in AD 1881 delineated the fine masonry art of that era. The Bargaya monastery is an ordinary wooden work of a later period of Inwa. Riding in a horse cart through the old city is a truly unforgetable and enjoyable.

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