Sagaing Hill in Mandalay

Sagaing, located on the west bank of Ayeyarwaddy waterway 21 km southwest of Mandalay, is an interesting destination you cannot ignore if you pay a visit around Mandalay. In around AD 1315, after the fall of Bagan when dynasty was not all that important in Myanmar, Sagaing turned into a capital of an independent Shan kingdom.

Today, Kaunghmudaw – the colossal dome-shaped pagoda constructed by King Thalun in 1636 is discrete historic landmark. The genuine fascination of Sagaing is the Sagaing hill where the entire area is covered with numerous temples, pagodas and the green shady trees.

In order to serve the Buddhist study and meditation of monks and nuns, there are over 400 monasteries. These places are so tranquil and serene that they are perceived by all Buddhists as a religious retreat where genuine peace and serenity can be found.

Standing at the hill top, one can appreciate the breathtaking perspective of Mother Ayeyarwaddy with vessels, bamboo and timber pontoons skimming all over. British-constructed Ava Bridge and the recently built Sagaing bridge over the Ayeyarwaddy river has added to the already pleasurable sight. The contemporary silverware making is the maintained art of the ancient Myanmar which makes Saging famous for its scrupulous silverware artifacts.

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