Kulen Mountain/National Park

Kulen Mountain, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Kulen Mountain/National Park was announced as one of Cambodia’s earliest national parks. It is a unique mountain massif located about 50km in the North of Siem Reap. Kulen Mountain which original name is Mahendraparvata, was a sacred area, holly place to Khmer people.

In there King Jayavarman II declared the independence from Java to establish a new kingdom known as Angkor and built the first capital city of Khmer Empire. Although the war has destroyed lots of things, there still remain many vestiges especially on Mahendara hill and Kbal Spean stream.

There are about 56 Angkorian temples on the top of the hill made of bricks and volcanic stones founded in the reign of King Jayavarman but unfortunately they are badly in poor condition. Amid the constructional time of the old sanctuaries in the ninth century, sand stones were brought from this hallowed mount to Angkor.

The site is well known for its unpredictable carvings speaking to fruitfulness and its waters hold speical centrality to the populace of Cambodia. Simply a couple of inches underneath the surface, in excess of 1000 carvings of Yoni and Linga are scratched into the sandstone riverbed.

The most attractive spot is a waterfall, it splits in two spots the first waterfall is four or five meters statures and 20 to 25 distances across in dry and sprinkling seasons.

The second waterfall is 15 to 20 meters statures and 10 to 15 widths in dry and drizzling seasons. The water is viewed as heavenly and Khmers like to flask it to bring home with them. The wellspring of water in the end streams into Tonle Sap Lake and is thought to favor the conduits of Cambodia. With all the elements above, Phnom Kulen is regarded highly by Cambodian as a holly place and has developed into a great tour destination.

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