Lang Biang Mountain

Lang Biang Mountain

Located on the Lang Biang Plateau of Lam Dong, the mountain is also called Lam Vien. The area has five volcanic peaks ranging in altitude from 2100m to 2400m. The highest peak – Lang Biang – is named by combining the name of a man K’Lang and a woman’s name H’Biang. The highest peak is named after a K’Lang and his lover H’Biang from the legendary love story of the K’Ho minors.

Since Lang Biang has the two highest peaks of Lam Vien Highland: Lang Biang (2,167m) and Bidoup Ban (2,287m), often regarded as the roof of Dalat. The mountain is famous for its spectacular nature, as well as its marvelous view of the whole wide area of Dalat City, the forest, the rivers and houses of tribal people.

Standing on the top of Lang Biang Mountain, tourists can see the lush green valley of Dalat below, with what looks like two pieces of silver silk; the Golden and Silver Streams running along the valley.

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