What to buy in Mandalay

Mandalay shopping would be more like local store style than large shopping malls style. However, shopping in local store will be a great chance for tourists to get closer to real Burmese lifestyle. People who are craving for Burma’s famous gems would love to visit Gem Palace, which offers a variety of products from jewelry to eyewear, timepieces, and sterling silver pieces.

Mandalay is famous for its craft center so there is a large amount of sculptures, Buddha images, and other handicrafts. Most tourists often bring home a Buddha sculpture with them as a reminder of their trip. In Mandalay, the Amara Waddy is one of the best souvenir shops selling sculptures.

Mandalay offers a variety of unique souvenirs. Here are some popular items you can consider buying:

1. Mandalay Tapestry: These beautiful intricately woven tapestries depict traditional Burmese scenes and make for stunning wall hangings.

2. Traditional Handicrafts: Mandalay is known for its exquisite craftsmanship. Look for items like marble carvings, woodcarvings, lacquerware, bronze statues, and silverware.

3. Gems and Jewelry: Myanmar is famous for its gemstones like rubies, sapphires, and jade. Visit reputable jewelers in Mandalay for authentic and high-quality gems and jewelry.

4. Longyi: This is the traditional Burmese attire, often worn by both men and women. You can find a wide range of colorful and beautifully patterned longyis in Mandalay.

5. Marionettes: Mandalay is renowned for its puppetry tradition. Handcrafted marionettes are a great souvenir choice, representing the cultural heritage of the region.

6. Traditional Paintings: Mandalay is known for its vibrant and detailed traditional paintings. Look for pieces that depict important Buddhist scenes or local landscapes.

Remember to shop from reputed stores to ensure the authenticity and quality of the souvenirs you purchase.

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