What to eat in Mandalay

Mandalay has become special for maintaining the cultural diversity of ancient monuments and the modern surroundings. Mandalay has always focused on street food and old-fashioned teahouses but now gradually adapted more Western-style cuisine. A visit to Mandalay will not be completed without dining at “A little bit of Mandalay” restaurant. They serve the best and various local cuisine options. A little bit of Mandalay also provides a warm and cozy atmosphere which makes the experience here more enjoyable.

If you want to try the traditional culinary in a more luxurious style, The Green Elephant is an appropriate choice. This high-end restaurant serves Myanmar dishes that will be tailored to fit even the most adventurous taste. The restaurant offers high quality and reliable food as the source of ingredient is from its local garden.

A Little Bit of Mandalay

A visit to Mandalay will not be completed without dining at “A Little Bit of Mandalay” restaurant. They serve the best local dishes in town with abundant menus.

  • Place to eat: No. 413/B, Block 803, 65 Street, between 27-28 Street, Aung Daw Mu Quarter

BBB European Bar & Restaurant

BBB serves mixture of high end European and Myanmar cuisines at excellent quality.

  • Place to eat: No. 292, Block 609, 76th Street, Between 26th and 27th Street

Green Elephant Restaurant

Green Elephant Restaurant is luxurious place in Mandalay for a traditional culinary experience.This high end restaurant serve Myanmar dishes to suit all palates, with a strong emphasis on Burmese.

  • Place to eat: 3 (H), Block 801, 27th Street, between 64th & 65th Street, Aung Daw Mu Quarter

Ko’s Kitchen

Ko’s Kitchen is a true Thai Restaurant. This fancy two-floor restaurant situated on the west side of the Royal Palace has several kinds of Thai dishes

  • Place to eat: No. 282, Block 146, Corner of 19th Street and 80th Street

Lashio Lay Restaurant

One of the most popular restaurants in the city, Lashio Lay is also the best place for authentic Shan fare. Freshly cooked dishes are displayed at the till, from which you can select the dishes you wish to try.

  • Place to eat: No. 65, 23rd Street, Between 83rd and 84th Street

Marie-Min Vegetarian Restaurant

This restaurant serves top-quality vegetarian Indian food. It’s the kind of place you’ll return to as often as possible, as much for the ambience as the delicious food.

  • Place to eat: 27th Street, Between 74th Street and 75th Street

Too Too Restaurant

Recommended by Mandalay locals as the restaurant that serves the best Myanmar dishes and curry in Mandalay. Serves many traditional Myanmar dishes – curry, fried, salads.

  • Place to eat: 27th Street, Between 74th and 75th Streets

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