Manuha Temple

Manuha Temple in Bagan

Other interesting places worth exploring in Bagan is Manuha Temple which was named after the defeat of Mon King from Thaton by king Anawrahta in 1057, being taken alongside the whole Mon family and 30,000 Mon inhabitants. According to a legend, Manuha was accepted to construct this temple in 1059, and that he built it to speak about his discontent at captivity.

There are three colossal seated Buddha statues confronting the front of the temple, and there is an enormous reclining Parinibbana Buddha behind the building. All the Buddha images appear to be excessively vast for their enclosed space, and their confined, uncomfortable positions are said to speak to the King’s impression of the strain and absence of comfort he needed to tolerate.

In 1975, an earthquake caused the central roof to collapse, gravely destructing the biggest seated Buddha, which has been repaired since then.

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