Mt. Popa

Mt. Popa in Bagan

Mt. Popa with its height of 1,518m, is the outstanding and attractive oasis of the bone-dry area placed in 60 km southeast of Bagan. It stands alone over the low ridge of sandstone, scattered over the nation, one of the National Parks in Myanmar.

The two spots of attraction are the primary mountain, the extinct volcano and Taungkalat (table-mountain) which was formed after the magma eruption occurred 320,000 years ago. It is steep and one can get to the top by going along the winding stairway. Groups of tamed monkeys keep go with the visitors along the way up. The perspective of the countryside from that point is spectacular.

The primary mountain resembles a normal volcano – a conelike silhouette and curved slants, with the steepest part close to crater rim. One can pay a visit to sandal wood manor, education center in regards to the plants and fauna of Mount Popa and different cranny and corner. There are numerous springs on this mountain from where water continually comes out. The top soil is naturally fruitful so that therapeutic plants and trees, for example, papaya, banana, jackfruit, plums, grape, coffee, and vegetables can be grown on the inclines and at the lower area of Mount Popa.

An alternate custom conviction is the home for the “Nat” (unseemly spirit). The individuals who trust in “Nat” come and pray for their prosperity, perform “Pwe” and point to 37 “Nats”. The mountain’s symbol is champak blossom.

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