Museum of History and Culture

Museum of History and Culture

Museum of History and Culture Hoi An is considered to be one of the most meaningful destination, always gives visitors the special feeling about the history of the trading port of Hoi An which were famous in the past.

At the museum, 434 artifacts are exhibited under themes, showing information and typical characteristics of some periods of development of Hoi An ancient town over the time. The museum has original artifacts, photographs and materials are arranged in three main periods: Period of prehistoric from the second century BC, Cham Pa period from the second century to the fifteenth century, Dai Viet period from the fifteenth century to the nineteenth century.

Artifacts from prehistoric including tools, labor, weapon, jewelry with different materials such as copper, iron, stone, glass … with Chinese coins, jewelry from India, the Middle East, as a kind of evidence about the lives of the people here. Beside normal agricultural activities, there were also trading activities with other regions, which laid the background for the establishment of a trading port in the later period.

With Cham Pa period, the artifacts are ceramic, pattern and materials on this period have shown that this is the period of development in Hoi An.

After the period of Cham Pa, in the 3rd period, many artifacts and documents, maps, especially the tools used to exchange goods like scales and materials related to Chinese and Japanese ceramics are the evidence for the development of the Trading Port of Hoi An.

Annually, Museum welcomes nearly seventy thousand visitors domestically and internationally. Museum is open every day of the week, except on 25th monthly.

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