Museum of Trade Ceramics

Museum of Trade Ceramics, Hoi An

Location of Trade Ceramics Museum is at No. 80 – Tran Phu Street. This is a 2-storey museum have the same structure as other two-storey ancient houses in Hoi An with wooden balcony. The house now is used as a museum has been built around 1920. Here, we can see the overall space of the typical architecture of ancient houses in Hoi An. Large yard is arranged between the first compartment and the back compartment, kitchens and toilets are located at the back compartment. House was remodeled in 1994 and has been used as Museum of Trade Ceramics since then.

This museum display the ceramic artifacts were found in archaeological sites in Hoi An, reflecting trade ceramic road sea in the previous century, when trading port of Hoi An was a center of marine trade with boats from Asia and Europe.

Museum has more than 430 ceramic artifacts dating from the 8th century to the 18th century. Most of the artifacts are trade ceramics originating from the Middle East, India, China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam … demonstrates the important role of the trading port of Hoi An in the ceramic trade network on the sea in the last century, also shows that cross-cultural relations – international economic was very strong in Hoi An.

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