Nuoc Mooc Stream

Nuoc Mooc Stream, Quang Binh

Nuoc Mooc Stream has spectacular natural scenery as a fairyland with diverse ecosystems, accompanied by fascinating experiences. According to the local language here “Mooc” means “grow” that is to say water sprouting out from the earth’s worm, and the name shows a miracle thing in this tourist destination.

Coming to Nuoc Mooc ecotourism routes, visitors will have opportunity to discover the diversity of precious species in natural heritage of the world after following a narrow trail that led down into the woods. Whether on sweltering summer days, Nuoc Mooc stream is always filled with laughter as well as cheerful frolic makes the stream becomes closer and more appealing to the visitors. Tourists can also enjoy a sleep on a hammock under the canopy of the forest, listen to the stream running or join Kayak boats sailing. Standing in the middle of the wooden suspension bridge to look at the high blue sky and the white foam waterfal underneath is definitely an excellent experience.

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