Otres beach

Otres beach Cambodia

Otres beach is lying next to Ochheuteal in the South and both of them have many similar things. Just like Occheuteal beach, Otres beach is a three kilometer bow-shaped shore with white sand facing to the Southwest. Otres beach has cleaner water and more soften than any beach in Sihanoukville, and if you want to find your own place of private sand, you just simply walk to the South. Even Otres is less developed and few tourists but outside of town, it is the fastest growing beach.

Near the end of the beach, there are many bars and restaurants crunch together along more than 1 km on the shore. Besides, several guesthouses, bungalows were built about 20m from the water on the beachfront. Otres beach is not only have guesthouses and bungalows but also have sailboats, kayaks and windsurfings for tourists to enjoy the relaxation in Otres beach.

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