Victory Beach

Victory Beach, Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Victory Beach are actually two long shorelines which were separated by a rocky point and a little hill, so that the beach was named after the Victory Monument that sits close to the midpoint. The Southern part is known as “Hawaii Beach”and the other in the North near Victory Monument is called “Victory Beach”. The narrow sands at the port end of the beach in the North are known as “Port Beach”. Victory is a small beautiful beach, even it is only few hundred meter long but it is long in field and it offers a diversity of service, especially it is one of the best place to enjoy sunset views in town.

Above Victory Beach, Victory Hill or another name is Weather Station Hill offering a range of guesthouses, restaurants and bars with a very elegant oversea view. After dark, this area come to lively, it is crowed, excited until mid-night and some places open till the early morning. Overall, Victory is combination between quiet and noisy atmosphere and it is really worth for a visiting.

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