Pearl Farms Phu Quoc

Pearl Farms Phu Quoc

According to experts in pearl cultivation, Pearl Farms Phu Quoc are ranked among the world’s most beautiful and precious pearls.

Pearls are farmed in oysters both naturally and artificially. Phu Quoc natural pearl with limited quantity has pretty high price. Depending on quality, each pearl can cost from few dozen to several thousand dollars. The most precious type is black pearl with price of around $ 1,000 (size 10-12mm); pale pink pearl is sold at 40 USD or more for 6-8mm size. The cheapest type is creamy-white pearls due to a shorter incubation period (about 9-12 months) with price of a few dozen dollars.

Most of the pearl farms are located around 3 kilometers far of Duong Dong in the south, right after series of resorts along Truong Beach or Long Beach. When coming pearl farms, tourists will see how staff to split oysters to take beautiful sparkling pearls from inside, hear them talking about overview processes of pearl cultivation, introduce types of pearls and their value.

If you wish to buy Phu Quoc pearl, be careful with pearls sold in small shop in the market or in the night market since they might have substandard quality, or worse, plastic pearls. Some notable pearl shops you can trust are Ngo Chien Pearls and Treasures from the Deep.

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