Phu Cam Palm-leaf Conical Hat Village

Phu Cam Palm-leaf Conical Hat Village

Since long ago, “nón lá” or palm-leaf conical hats have become an indispensable part of Vietnam culture. An image of young women wearing “nón lá” and “aó dài” (Vietnamese traditional dress) has become the unofficial symbol of Hue city.

Making palm-leaf conical hats has been a traditional craft for many generations in Hue city. Lying on the southern bank of the An Cuu River in the heart of Hue City, Phu Cam Village retains its fame for making conical hats. Since the 17th century, a group of parishioners in Phu Cam was formed by a French priest. Nowadays most villagers still earn a living by making conical hats. Skillful craftsmen make distinctive conical hats from high-quality bamboo leaves and often decorated with Trang Tien Bridge, Heavenly Lady Pagoda, Ngu Binh Mountain, etc.

Though conical hats are not widely used anymore in modern society, the craft of making conical hats is still well preserved in Phu Cam Village.

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