Chuon Marsh Village

Chuon Lagoon, Tam Giang, Hue

Chuon marsh village is besides lagoon, where villagers catch fishes. It is either a traditional village or a new tourist attraction.

Recently, Chuon marsh in Thua Thien – Hue is becoming a historic spot. The reason is simple, its feature is very distinguish from other tourist attraction. Take culture and cuisine for example. The marsh of Chuon has occupy an indispensable position, which runs 27km along the village.

The sunrise and sunset at Chuon is so beautiful that you must see once in your life. You can take many delightful photo at here even with a cellphone. Since the sky is displayed in purple, yellow and other colors. In that case, every sunrise and sunset will be particular. You bat try the local food in Chuon, which will make you amaze. The local people usually engage in aquaculture in the lagoon, and create their ponds by fencing areas with bamboo. The seafood there not only fresh and delicious but also cheap. However, it is different from big city. Nonetheless, there is one kind of endemic fish species named “Ca Kinh”. The villagers make the famous Hue pancake by ca kinh, replacing the usual stuffing of shrimp, meat and something else. You must have a try.

If you are tired of the life in the city, Chuon marsh is a good choice for you. Owing to its traditional village and delicacy, which should go at least once.

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