Po Shanu Cham Tower

Po Shanu Cham towers

The Po Shanu Cham towers are located in the west of Mui Ne, on Ba Na Hill – 7 km to the northeast of Phan Thiet City, one of the most precious and important cultural vestiges of the Champa Kingdom. They are perched on a hilltop with views of Phan Thiet and the distant coastline. Dating from the 7th century, these remaining towers in Phan Thiet are some of the more representative examples of the lost culture’s architecture and reminder of a once successful. Echoing the spires and details on such sites as Angkor Wat, the crumbling Po Shanu Cham towers consist of the ruins of three towers, look like the ruins of another worldly culture.

Many Chams in Southeast Asia converted to Islam, but those in the Phan Thiet region still uphold their Hindu cultural values and traditions. Inside the main one is a linga and yoni monolith from the Hindu tradition and dedicated to the Lord Shiva. The two other towers are devoted to the fire deity Agni and the buffalo deity Nandi.

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