Red Sand Dunes

Red Sand Dunes, Mui Ne

The Mui Ne sand dunes in Central Vietnam are a captivating geological phenomenon. The dunes even leave visitors wondering if they accidentally travelled to the Sahara instead of Southeast Asia.

On the way to the White Dunes, visitors can easily catch up with the Red Dunes from the tourist stretch in Mui Ne. It would be nice to explore the reddish-brown sands on foot and if tourists come here at the sunset, this is absolutely a perfect place for taking some photographs.

Many people admit that the White Dunes, known locally as Bau Trang or White Lake, are far larger and more impressive than the Red Dunes. As long as they get the right direction, the White Dunes look like a miniature desert with beautiful patterns etched into the changing sand by the wind. Once tourists come here, it is worth spending several hours or even the whole day in this wonderful place.

Go to the top of the sand dunes and feel the gorgeous panoramic view. From the red sand dunes, visitors will be able to see the ocean, while it will be a view of the large dune lake surrounded by pine trees from the white dunes. With drifts that can be up to 10 meters deep, visitors should try sliding down and enjoying more. For a small fee, you can also go on a sunrise sand dune tour, which offers a magnificent view of the sunrise that you will definitely not find anywhere else.

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