Preah Khan Temple

Preah Khan Temple

Preah Khan Temple is spotted 2 km far from Angkor Thom; 22 km far from Siem Riep town center and it takes 33 minutes by car; 45 minutes by Tuk Tuk

The sanctuary was implicit 1191, placed just outside the Angkor Thom capital city. Preah Khan signifies “the Sacred Sword”. The sanctuary was constructed by Jayavarman VII, a Buddhist King who freed Angkor by crushed Cham enermy. He manufactured 2 sanctuaries: Ta Prohm to devote his mother and Preah Khan to commit his father – King Dharanindravarman, and the statue of Lokeshvara was curved to resemble the King’s father.

In any case Preah Khan Sanctuary was initially served as a Buddhist religious community and school. Preah Khan was a whole city that obliged 100,000 farmers and 15,000 monks, and its subsidiary structures incorporated a clinic, rest house and a rice silo. Amid a brief time of Angkor Thom remaking, it additionally served as the habitation of King Jayavarman VII. Preah Khan Sanctuary was a place of celebrations with in excess of 1000 Apsaras or heavenly dance specialists performing 18 times per year, and it additionally is the second biggest sanctuary nook in Angkor. The sanctuary is extremely overall safeguarded; however still have some eerie root developments. With tight entries, mystery chambers and impressive beauty, Preah Khan is a pleasure end to investigate.

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