Series of compliments for Hanoi delicacies from reporters all over the world

Series of compliments for Hanoi delicacies from reporters all over the world

“It is even better with the coffee” commented reporter David Muir from ABC News about the creamy custard-like foam perched on Vietnamese coffee.

In a news report on the sidelines of the US-DPRK Summit released on 27.3, the reporter David Muir of ABC News discovered three famous dishes among endless Hanoi street food by himself. They were egg coffee, papaya salad and “phở bò” (beef noodle soup).

Creeping through several small alleys, David Muir finally reached Ca phe Pho Co (11 Hang Gai) for a cup of egg coffee. In the making of it, he observed all the process and even tasted a bit of the creamy foam as the lady whisked the secret recipe of egg yolk, condensed milk, butter, cheese and others.

Later, he tried papaya salad and beef noodle soup. In particular, the broth of beef noodle soup made with dry sa sung (also known as sea worm) astonished with its delicious flavourful taste.

Another reporter, Mr. David Nakamura of the Washington Post, also shared the dishes he tried on his personal feed, such as “Obama’s combo” bun cha, wonton noodle soup and egg coffee, according to Tuoi Tre News. Mr Nakamura praised that the wonton noodle soup would be too cheap compared to a meal in the United States. As for egg coffee, he tweeted: “Very rich, moderately sweet. Drinkable in small portions on rare occasion as a dessert.”

Many traditional dishes of Hanoi were on the menu serving international correspondents. Photo: Traffic newspaper
Thousands of cups of egg coffee consumed during the Summit. Photo: Labor News

In the menu served at the International Press Center (IMC), a series of renown Hanoi foods and drinks also showed up: Pho Thin, Giang egg coffee, bun cha, glutinous rice ball, spring roll, and other Vietnamese traditional dishes.

According to, Arya Sapito (Nippon TV reporter, Japan), complimented that bun cha’s taste was sweet and sour at the same time, explosive with the aroma of grilled pork.

Bun Cha Obama

Park Soo Jin (representative of SBS Korea) said that he tried Vietnamese vermicelli in Korea and this time, he was going to bun cha restaurant Mr. Obama had been to.

CNN reporter praised Cha ca (fried morsels of fish seasoned garlic, ginger, turmeric and dill on a hot pan tableside). Photo: Josh Berlinger.

“We are especially impressed with pho, bun cha, banh xeo.

During this event, the journalists must be present at various locations, so we often eat banh mi to save time. Vietnamese banh mi is very delicious. We just have to give up on herbs because we are not used to its strange taste.” said Kim Tae Yeon (25 years old, a translator for MBC News, Korea) to


According to Ha Noi Moi Newspaper’s record at the Press Center, Tanaka Yoichiro (reporter of Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper, Japan) praised bun thang for its delicate and lingering sweeting taste – an unforgettable impression. Reporter Joao Manuel Pimeta (Portugal) complimented that Vietnamese food in general as delicious and attractive, after eating the classic set of rice, seasoned fish, vegetable and soup.

Traditional menu set – Source:

Ahead of the main activities in the Summit, many international journalists had been present in Hanoi enjoying street food.

Reporter Josh Berlinger (CNN) posted an image of sizzling cha ca, accompanied by a description “Cha ca — the turmeric-marinated, pan fried fish that’s so good it has an entire street named after it.”


The image of the bakery on Han Thuyen Street (Hoan Kiem, Hanoi) was published by a Reuters reporter, with the caption “Let’s enjoy the best bread in Hanoi”.


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