Suoi Tranh (Tranh stream)

Suoi Tranh waterfall

Suoi Tranh is far around 10km to the southeast of Duong Dong town, Phu Quoc Island. Tranh stream originates from Ham Ninh Mountain and is the combination of many small water trickles through rocks, trees, waterfalls from upstream, creating a beautiful natural picturesque beauty. It is so called Suoi Tranh (stream of picture).

From the foot of the stream, visitors follow the trail about 300 meters ahead upstream to explore magnificent nature. About 30 minute walk, you will see a high waterfall and a lake is formed at the foot of the waterfall. You can take stream bathing in this 1-1.5meter depth lake. Rest your backs against the cliff and enjoy massage of water flow, all fatigue and sorrow of life seems to be disappeared and returns you relaxing. Additionally, Suoi Tranh has many mysterious mystical caves, such as Doi Cave located on a 200m height mountain. This cave is 50 meters deep and has many beautiful strange stalactites…

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