Tam Cung Grotto

Tam Cung Cave

Another highly recommended place to visit in Halong bay is Tam Cung grotto.

Tam Cung (Three Palace) Cave is located in May Den Island in the centre of Ha Long bay and far from Sung Sot cave around 5 kilometers to the northeast.

The cave has three chambers linked by narrow way. Each chamber is evidence for richness of cave formation. Three statues on the high wall of the first one present for flourishing, bliss and life span. Additionally, you might seem to hear the sound of T’rung – a Vietnamese traditional musical instrument from near or far. In the second chamber, you can see various speleothems which make you associate to a natural museum of lively animals, such as lions, seals, or god of the sea. Passing to the last chamber, visitors can discover an impressive bas-relief in which are carved complicated strange shapes, lying layer in a harmonic design. By rich imagination, travelers can find out flowers, bamboos, or sleeping elephants on the wall.

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