Sung Sot Grotto

Sung Sot Cave

Halong bay is a city teeming with attractions. Sung Sot Grotto or the Cave of Surprises is one of the most beautiful and widest grottoes of Halong Bay. Don’t miss this beautiful place while you are in Vietnam.

Located on Bo Hon Island in the heart of Ha Long bay, Sung Sot grotto was discovered by the French and given a name of “Grotte des surprises” initially. It is the most magnificent and enormous cave of Ha Long Bay.

To reach the cave’s mouth, you have to climb up around a hundred stone steps and it takes you around 45 minutes. You are advised to wear neat and have good shoes. The grotto is divided into two partitions; the first looks like a wide theater, with numerous stalactites dangling from the high roof. A narrow and short stair connects to second chamber, where a stream of sun light through a natural skylight showers the surfaces. The chamber is massive enough to hold a thousand of people at one time.

Sung Sot cave covers around 10,000 m2 with a huge number of stalactites and stalagmites along the 500-meter entry. The cave is a perfect picture for the amazing formation of the rocks. Light is arranged along the entry and enlighten the stunning landscape. Colorful spotlights are set in such an appropriately subtle way and add to the charm of the cave. The cave has 30-meter height with numerous innumerable cracks and crevices which are persuadable proof of natural creation throughout millions of years. The deepest point is an “imperial garden” with a small lake and an interesting scene of some mountains. Near the way out, a massive structure is straightened out from floor to roof, narrowing at the centre to create a concave pillar in order to keep the roof in place.

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