Thanh Ha Pottery Village

Thanh Ha Pottery Village

Thanh Ha pottery village is a well-protected village, where tourists can make pottery by themselves. While making potteries, tourists can also learn history of pottery.

Undonely, pottery is a significant and traditional goods in Vietnam as well as an important means of livelihood. Take Thanh Ha pottery village for example, pottery industry is a most important industry in this village, where is 3km east to Hoi An. The history of pottery in Thanh Ha has been for centuries. It is worth for pottery and culture lovers to visit it.

The tourist might be thought back to the ancient village during the 3km from Hoi An to Thanh Ha. It is because that Thanh Ha village is not only a traditional village, but also a well-protected local village. While the tourist visiting the pottery factory, they might see the worker still using the traditional way to make potteries. For example, two people in a group, one sits at the potter’s wheel, steady hands molding a lump of clay into a vase. The other stands to the side and with deft kicks to spin the wheel with a rhythmic motion. Minutes later, a vase was done quickly and perfectly. On the other hand, it is not able to see a worker stands beside and spin the wheel by feet now. The machine has already replaced the human in order to save the human resource and money. Tourists can also try to make an own pottery by themselves, which is exclusive and valuable experience. It is fine that if you are not very satisfied to your pottery. There is a pottery markets is the village, where tourists can buy some magnificent potteries at the market as a souvenir before leave.

To sum up, If you want your own and unique pottery, Thanh Ha pottery village can satisfy you. If you are wondering to know the process of making pottery, Thanh Ha will satisfy you, too. Tourists can find out various kinds of potteries and history of pottery while visiting Thanh Ha pottery village.

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