The Cape of Ca Mau

The Cape of Ca Mau

The Cape of Ca Mau is the southern-most location of Vietnam where everyone Vietnamese aspires to visit this at least once in the life. It is the unique place in which you can see both sunrise and sunset on the sea: The sun rises from East Sea and sets in the western sea. It is located in Ngoc Hien District and far away from Ca Mau city by nearly 120km and it takes you 2.5 hours for journey by water taxis (high-speed boat) on path water surrounded by cajuput forest.

Its natural characteristic of mangrove forests with a lot of birds, wild animals, and fishes forms a very distinctive beauty of Ca Mau. It is estimated that there are nearly 250 types of plants, 40 species of animal, 200 species of bird, and 260 species of fish; some of them are threatened in natural and listed in the World Red Book.

The Cape of Ca Mau is continuously fused by alluvium of Mekong River; therefore its area is expanded into the sea about 80-100 meters every year. This extended area is around hundreds of hecta. As the southernmost point of Vietnam, there is a national landmark beside architecture of a white ship toward to the sea. Do not forget to take a photo with this symbol of the cape since it is definitely convincible evidence for your trip to Ca Mau.

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