Thien Cung Grotto

Thien Cung Cave

Thien Cung Grotto is a must-see place in Halong bay for all travellers who stop by even just for a few days.

Thien Cung cave (English name: Heavenly Palace cave) is located on a southwest island of the bay and the mouth of cave is 25 meters above sea level. While Dau Go cave (on the same island) brings a magnificence beauty and honorable history, travelers visiting Thien Cung Cave will feel being in a heavenly world.

A journey through Thien Cung Grotto takes around 1 hour. In the middle of the cave, there are four large substantial columns supporting the “roof of paradise.” From floor to top of the cave, numerous peculiar pictures appear in the stone: birds, fish, blooms and even scenes of human life. On the north wall of the grotto, by your imagination, you can see many fairies dancing and singing in honor of wedding. Under the tremendously high top, stalactites make a regular stone shade.

In some places, there is the sound of a drum which originally made by the wind blowing through stone. To finish a voyage through Thien Cung Cave, you are to pass a thin way with dazzling stalactites, and at the exiting door, you’ll be enchanted by the overview beauty of Ha Long Bay and Ha Long City.

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