Thu Bon River

Thu Bon River, Hoi An

Thu Bon River was formed from small streams flowing down from Ngoc Linh Mountain that borders between Quang Nam – Kon Tum (Duy Xuyen district). The river is a combination of two cultures Cham – Vietnam, is a river of conservation and storage of many precious cultural values. Now, Thu Bon River has gently beauty and contains a great potential for tourism, is the ideal destination for visitors to explore, discover the surprises. In the war against the French (1946-1954), Thu Bon River is a military boundary. There have been many fierce battles against the French and American took place on both sides of the river and even on the river. There were a lot of revolutionaries, patriotic civilians were sacrificed here. Thu Bon River is still beautiful no matter what, as a vitality source of Quang Nam – Da Nang.

Thu Bon River is not just only the chief source of livelihood for many residents of the town, but also the chief culminating point for most festivals and events in Hoi An. Today, the remains visitor can see the ancient port and the picturesque waterfronts along the river.

The fishing town of Hoi An now was a popular international trade destination and also a convenient stopover for many merchant ships bound to and from China and other countries because Thu Bon River flowed into the East China Sea. From Hoi An Ancient Town, visitors can rent a boat and stop at the beautiful villages located along the river.

Thu Bon River is important part of Hoi An tourism with values of geography, culture and history.

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