Cua Dai Beach

Cua Dai Beach

Located 5 km from Hoi An town center and 30 km from Da Nang to the south, guests can go to Cua Dai beach by car, motorbike or on foot. Cua Dai beach have peaceful and taciturn beauty and as Hoi An ancient town.

The first impression of this beach is white sand. Along the beach is luxury resorts with a variety of styles. Visitors can freely walk, swim at any location on the beach…. The atmosphere at Cua Dai beach is fresh and pleasant that brings comfortable feeling to the guests. Starting a new day, from the windows of the rooms overlooking the sea, visitors can catch stunning sunrise.

It is particularly Cua Dai beach is very clean, whether you stop at any places throughout the length of 7km of beach here, you will never have to complain about the environment and atmosphere here. Even when, beach tour of Hoi An is quite developed now, many hotels, resorts have appeared but Cua Dai beach is still remained calm, quiet, very clean and very fresh. The system resorts and hotels here are environmentally friendly and almost no tall buildings. Most of these works still choose architecture style of Vietnam traditional village. Visitor also can look for restaurants, small shop serving delicious seafood that near the beach and are not noisy. That is why so many tourists come here to rest after exploring the different sightseeing in Hoi An…

Afternoon is the best time for tourists to enjoy the cool blue waters here. The gentle surf, sandy beaches and the wind have the salty taste of sea. Visitor also can lie down for hours on the sand, or experience some exciting water sport.

Cua Dai beach at night is also very beautiful and interesting. Local people sell and buy fresh or dried seafood with affordable prices at the place that just few steps away from resorts. With its own distinctive characteristics, Cua Dai give tourists an unforgettable memory after leaving this place.

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